Twinkle, twinkle little star

On Monday 7th December, the first Michelin guide 2016 was officially handed to Frits van Bruggen (CEO ANWB). In a packed DeLaMar Theatre the top selection of the Dutch fine cuisine gathered in anticipation of this year’s Michelin Star presentation. Chefs Dennis van den Beld (Landgoed Hotel Het Roode Koper), Erik de Mönnink (Restaurant Hotel Grand Café De Swarte Ruijter) and Mike Vrijdag (Strandlodge Winterswijk, of QL Hotel Villa Ruimzicht) where awarded their first Michelin Star. QL offers congratulations to these men and their teams with this acknowledgment of their craft!

De Librije keeps performing on the highest culinary level. Jonnie & Thérèse Boer maintained 3 Michelin Stars. All QL Chefs in possession of one Michelin Star or more, kept their annotations in the famous red guide. QL offers congratulations to all QL Chefs with this exceptional accomplishment. QL Hotels offers a variety of different experiences. With so many high quality restaurants we decided it was time to create a Michelin Star Collection