The best places to enjoy Oosterschelde Lobster

If you were to ask the people of the Dutch province Zeeland about the best quality lobsters, there is no doubt they will answer you: “Oosterschelde Lobster”. From 1 April until 15 July the lobsters are available, but probably nowhere better than right at the place where the Oosterschelde Lobsters flourish.

Auberge De Campveerse Toren serves a special lobster menu during the Oosterschelde Lobster Season. Edwin Vinke, chef of QL’s De Kromme Watergang opened a new restaurant in Yerseke on 5 April. The restaurant is aptly named Zee/Land/Zilt (Sea/Land/Brine) and of course the famous Oosterschelde Lobster is on the menu.

Auberge De Campveerse Toren (3-courses € 59.50)

Season from 1 April until 15 July
”Rolls Royce” among lobsters


  • Melon filled with lobster and shrimps, herbs and flowers from the garden


  • Oosterschelde hummer soup
  • Fricassee from Oosterschelde lobster, Orzo, preserved tomatoes, fennel and herb oil
  • Grilled half of lobster with herbs, sea vegetables and asparagus
  • Chocolate-praliné cake with raspberry, lemon jelly and basil sorbet

Specially selected wine to complement your Lobster

  • Per bottle € 32.50
  • Per glass € 7.50 


  • Oosterschelde lobster prepared to your liking € 12 per 100 g
  • Takeaway Oosterschelde lobster soup € 20 per litre

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Zee/Land/Zilt 3-course menu € 42.50


  • Oyster tasting
  • Shrimp croquettes
  • Zeeuwse onionsoup


  • Oosterschelde lobster à la nage
  • Bouillabaisse
  • Zeeuws lamb stew


  • Dame Blanche
  • Lemon meringue pie
  • Dutch & Belgian cheeses

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