Regional and seasonal food

QL encourage chefs using regional and seasonal produce to create great dishes of gastronomic delight. Local produce is mostly healthier, better for the environment and by buying locally, local economies are being supported. To show our affinity with these chefs, every year QL awards the Robbe & Berking Silver Butter Knife to chefs that show they care and who take pleasure in informing their guests how their menu is created. In turn, their guests become more aware of what is being served.

In 2015 the Robbe & Berking Silver Butter Knives were awarded to Erik de Mönnink of De Swarte Ruijter, the Netherlands (Michelin also awarded De Mönnink with his first star), Clément Petitjean, La Grappe d’Or, Belgium and Barbara Schlachter-Ebert of Schlossanger Alp in Germany. In 2016 the awards will be presented on March 14 at the QL Annual Gathering at Landhuishotel De Bloemenbeek in de Lutte, the Netherlands.