QL Partners Acqua Panna - S.Pellegrino

QL Hotels & Restaurants is proud to introduce its partnership with Acqua Panna & San Pellgrino. As original fine dining waters Acqua Panna & San Pellegrino are worldwide recognized by chefs and sommeliers for their flavour and gracefulness.

Acqua Panna

Experiencing the Tuscan way of life means to perpetuate an ideal of simplicity, elegance and balance in arts and culture, but also at the table. Thanks to its organoleptic qualities Acqua Panna is able to harmonize flavors without covering them.



San Pellegrino

Since 1899 - for more than a century - Sanpellegrino Group has been a well-established name throughout the world, synonymous with the highest quality. By virtue of their origins, a strong relationship with Italy, its culture and its traditions, Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino perfectly interpret Italian style as a synthesis of conviviality, well-being and fine dining. Sommeliers, chefs and connoisseurs worldwide, from the Unites States to France, Germany to Canada, the UK to Australia, Japan to Emirates concur that these two premium waters are the quintessence of Italian lifestyle and good taste, thus gracing the world’s finest dining tables.