QL New Discovery: Hotel am Brühl

A warm welcome to Hotel am Brühl!

Close to the forested Harz National Park lies the historical village of Quedlinburg. Strolling around Quedlinburg town feels a bit like being in the Middle Ages, from the smallest timber frame house to the impressive castle with adjacent Stiftskirche. That is surely one of the reasons why Quedlinburg is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Hotel am Brühl is nestled a stone’s throw from this impressive historical town on the outskirts of a lush green villa quarter. The hotel is in the former Härzer Liqueur Distillery, owned by Am Brühl’s proprietor Claudia Wiese’s forebears. Together with husband Hartmut and the attentive staff, Claudia will offer you a warm welcome. You will certainly enjoy the fantastic service. The Weinstube is also the restaurant and a must for any wine enthusiastic and gourmand.