QL New Discovery: Herberg Onder de Linden

A warm welcome to Herberg Onder de Linden

Herberg Onder de Linden has been renowned in the northern Dutch provinces for many years. The tiny village of Aduard, with a population of around 2000, grew up around a Cistercian monastery founded in 1192. The village isn’t far from the city of Groningen, yet it’s still in the middle of the countryside. At night the sky is filled with stars, and during the day the inn is one of the most characteristic buildings in the historic village.

For an overnight stay, the atmosphere is thoroughly romantic, and the food is outstanding. When Steven and Tanja Klein Nijenhuis took over the inn in 2016, they brought with them the Michelin star they earned over the years at their previous restaurant. This dynamic duo have given the décor a complete overhaul – it used to be classic, but is now contemporary, with an emphasis on style and comfort. It’s only possible to stay the night in combination with a meal in the restaurant.