QL Hotels in the Belgian Ardennes

This time of year it is the perfect time to go for a walk in the beautiful nature. The colour of the leaves changes slowly from green to yellow or red. You can find mushrooms in various shapes and forms but also chestnuts, beechnuts and so on. We love to go hiking this time of year. QL inspires you with 10 hotels situated in the Belgium Ardennes. Here you find serene nature, meandering rivers in quiet valleys and extensive forests.

  • Hotel Beau Séjour is in the Famenne in the tiny Villers-sur-Less. It forms an ideal base for exploring the Belgian Ardennes.
  • In the vast and forested hills and valleys of the Ourthe and Aisne region is the authentic village Wéris where you find QL’s Le Cor de Chasse.
  • In the tranquillity and space of the Belgian Ardennes, in the tiny hamlet of Bois-de-Villers, you will find hotel Espace Medissey.
  • On the forest-rich Domaine des Douys is Lafarques, built in 1927 as a residence for the wealthy textile family Zurstrassen. Nowadays it is a lovely hotel.
  • Lemonnier is in a quiet area of the Ardennes. In the vicinity you can go kayaking, walking and cycling.
  • Le Sanglier des Ardennes is located in the centre of the Belgian Ardennes, so other beautiful villages are also easy to reach.
  • Deep in the peaceful silence of the Belgian Ardennes is the hamlet Our, named after the little river that flows right through it. Here you find two QL Hotels: La Table de Maxime and La Fabrique du pré Maho.
  • Le Val d’Amblève is located at the edge of Stavelot, one of the oldest cities in Belgium, in the middle of the natural forest of Lièges Ardennes.
  • Hotel Zur Post is in Belgium but also borders Germany and Luxembourg. The expansive countryside invites you to talk long walks.
  • Auberge du Val d’Aisne in the green enclave of Fanzel is a typical Ardennes Inn, which dates from the 17th century.