QL Affligem Invitational Golf Tournament

Golf, excellent food & especially good company at the QL Affligem Invitational Golf Tournament.

During the annual QL Affligem Invitational Golf Tournament on the heathland golfcourse at Estate Ullerberg Glenmorangie Distillery served wonderful whisky, HANOS provided the players with a luscious lunch, Oestercompagnie offered mouthwatering oysters and Affligem Beer looked after the winner with The Sub, a new invention to serve a supper chilled drafted Affligem beer at home.

With the sun shining and after all was said and done, players enjoyed Affligem Blond, Affligem Double, or Triple in the majestic surroundings of Estate Ullerberg. A heavenly diner at Landgoed Het Roode Koper, Leuvenum, Netherlands (by Michelin star chef Dennis van den Beld) topped off a day enjoyed by all players and QL Staff.

Affligem Blond, Affligem Double and Affligem Triple

Affligem served the players well with a refreshing beverage

A little taste of Scotland with Glenmorangie's whisky on the heathland golfcourse of Estate Ullerberg  

Players enjoyed the battle, the course at Ullerberg and the great weather   

Blooming heather on the golfcourse