New culinary orientation at Grand Hotel Résidence De Draak

Restaurant Hemingway Bergen op Zoom renames itself to Restaurant 1397 and has set a new culinary standard

Bergen op Zoom, 6 September 2021 - Restaurant 1397 is the new name of restaurant Hemingway in Grand Hotel and Residence De Draak. The restaurant, which is located in the oldest hotel in the Netherlands, has been given a new location as of 6 September 2021 in a beautiful historical setting, whereby the culinary level will be further enhanced. The new name refers to 1397, the year in which De Draak already existed as a hospitality company.

As of 6 September 2021, Restaurant Hemingway has moved within the walls of Hotel De Draak to the beautiful historic Sint Maarten Zaal, also the oldest part of the hotel. Director-owner Frans Hazen: "In the limited space of Hemingway, we reached outer limits. At the new location, we can accommodate approximately 50 guests in a spacious setting with plenty of privacy. The new name Restaurant 1397 refers to the year 1397, the year we know for sure that De Draak already existed as accommodation. In that year, the big city fire destroyed almost all of Bergen op Zoom. Only two buildings were spared, one of which was De Draak. Because the city fire destroyed the city archives, we do not know exactly how old De Draak really is. The cellars under De Draak show that it is quite possible that De Draak existed for at least 100 years before 1397. In any case, De Draak has had a continuous hospitality function since at least 1397, making it the oldest hotel in the Netherlands."

Unique historical decor
In Restaurant 1397, guests have dinner in the unique setting of a historical stylish salon with eye-catchers such as a large dragon painting, a large carpet with a dragon, the world map painted on the ceiling, the floor-to-ceiling fireplace, chandeliers and art on the walls. Frans Hazen: "It's almost like eating in a museum. By way of contrast, the linen-covered tables feature contemporary floral decorations and mood lighting, and the dishes are served on modern tableware. The restaurant is divided over the ground floor and the mezzanine, which has a beautiful view over the Grote Markt. 1397 also has a lunch terrace on the Grote Markt.

Culinary standards even higher
Chef Torben Bouterse cooks contemporary dishes with worldly influences based on classic French cuisine. With Zeeland and its waters just around the corner, he has chosen Zeeland cuisine as his base. Torben Bouterse: "I like to cook with fish, shellfish and vegetables on the plate. Amuses are always vegetarian and I like to use vegetables in desserts. Herbs and eatable flowers come from our garden at city palace Het Markiezenhof. With the transition from Hemingway to Restaurant 1397, we have simultaneously raised the culinary standard. In 2022 we will move the kitchen and create a new open kitchen with a chef's table for even more experience."

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