Mondragon Residence Apartments opened

Right next to the luxurious QL Hotel Mondragon, on the Old Harbour in the historic city of Zierikzee (The Netherlands), seven luxury appartments have recently opened where travellers can stay the night in style. In this way, guests can experience the delights of Hotel Mondragon and, with their families for example, have a fantastic base from which to enjoy the islands of Zeeland.

During a stay in the Residence, guests get the best of both worlds: all the comfort and service of the elegant Hotel Mondragon, a household name in Zierikzee and far beyond for more than a century. And on the other hand, a private residence in the heart of the monumental city centre with all the privacy that implies. Fill your fridge with a luxury VIP package of Zeeland wines, regional cheeses or local fruit juices. But also breakfast, lunch or dinner can be arranged at Hotel Mondragon. It is also possible to park in the parking garage of the hotel.

Résidence Mondragon is ideally suited for a tourist stay on the island of Schouwen-Duiveland. Make cycle tours or visit Walcheren where it is also pleasantly busy in Middelburg and Veere. And the beach at the head of Schouwen is perhaps the most beautiful in the Netherlands. And half an hour by - electric - bike from Zierikzee. But also for those who are staying in Zierikzee for a number of weeks for professional reasons, the Residence is the perfect solution.

Govert Janzen says that he is pleased with the new residence: "The building is a wonderful addition to the hotel. We already have 38 very comfortable hotel rooms and 3 beautiful hotel suites. With these 7 spacious appartments, the Mondragon family grows a little further."


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