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Parc Broekhuizen and Hotel TwentySeven don’t appear to have much in common at first sight. Parc Broekhuizen is a stately home in the countryside, set on an estate with a large lake. Hotel TwentySeven, in the upper floors of the famous Koninklijke Industrieele Groote Club building on Dam Square, is in the heart of Amsterdam. The protected status of the two buildings presented the interior designers with a challenge. A building might have an imposing exterior, but that doesn’t mean the interior offers the comforts that a modern hotel guest would expect. So increasingly, interior designers are called in to bring grand old buildings up to the standards of modern hospitality without harming their historic character. 


In the midst of the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam’s city centre, Eric Toren has created a haven of peace. Hotel TwentySeven is right on Amsterdam’s busiest and most famous square, the Dam. Outside the bikes whizz by, the tourists try to find their way, and the tram bells ring. On the top floors of the famous ‘Industria’ building Hotel TwentySeven and Restaurant Bougainville are an oasis of serenity, with a striking interior that’s quite exceptional in the Netherlands. A visit to the bar is an absolute must – it’s the domain of Eric van Beek, who was named best barkeeper in the world in 2018. Try his celebrated cocktail ‘Cariño’, meaning ‘sweetheart’ in Spanish.

Interior designer Wim van de Oudewetering has brought the very finest materials to Amsterdam from all over the world. ‘The main thing guests will notice is the combination of fabrics, the subdued colours and patterns,’ Van de Oudewetering explains. ‘The craftsmanship of the woodwork is also exceptional. As a whole it feels like a warm bath- sexy and a little provocative.’

Photo: René Kramers

Every detail of the hotel and restaurant is a creation of the highest quality, from the soundproofed doors to the handmade lamps by Brand van Egmond. It’s a contemporary interpretation of a cosmopolitan palace hotel. Where else can you find the luxuriant fabrics by Ascension Latorre from Valencia and Braquenié from Paris, silk curtains by the Fadini Borghi family from Florence, or handwoven wool and silk carpets? The high-tech, luxury bathroom fittings are by the Swiss firm Geberit.


Photo: Marc van Praag

As an interior designer, Judith van Mourik has been closely involved with the metamorphosis of Parc Broekhuizen. ‘The past, the authenticity of the historic building, and the new design combine to create a whole,’ she says. ‘It was a challenge for me to give the historical elements such as the murals and the principal rooms, which are the crown jewels of Parc Broekhuizen, a visible role in the new design.’

Van Mourik describes the design as elegant and surprising. ‘Elegance is the keyword. Feminine, modern details create refinement and softness. Powerful eyecatchers provide the surprises. There’s something original in each room, which makes Parc Broekhuizen an adventure to explore. The new materials and colours refer to the original style of the historic country house. The contemporary chandeliers are a modern interpretation of the large crystal chandeliers of the past. If you look at them through 3D glasses, you see thousands of hearts. So there’s also an element of humour.’

Parc Broekhuizen QL Unique Break

  • Champagne aperitif
  • 4-course dinner at restaurant Voltaire (Michelin star) with coffee/tea and sweets
  • 1 overnight stay in Mini Loft Suite
  • Breakfast
  • € 445 for 2 persons

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