Dutch Restaurant Awards 2016

The winners of the Dutch Restaurant Awards 2016 are announced. The 500 best chefs of the Netherlands chose the best of their line of business in 13 categories. We proudly congratulate QL Hotels De Librije & Klein Hotel NIVEN with their awards!

De Librije
De Librije (3 Michelin stars) won two awards, one for The Best Restaurant in the Netherlands and one for the Best Biological Restaurant in the Netherlands. This marvellous hotel & restaurant is located in a former 18th century women’s prison in the Hanseatic city Zwolle. The restaurant is situated in the indoor garden, under a magnificent and contemporary glass roof.

Klein Hotel NIVEN
NIVEN, a small hotel with a fantastic restaurant (1 Michelinstar) near the city of The Hague, won the award for Best Vegetable Restaurant. Chef Niven Kunz has a refreshing take on vegetable preparation as he works with an 80/20 ratio, with of course 80% vegetables.