BLOG I Bathroom embankments

Taking a bath can be relaxing. In my case it can be quite nerve-wracking. I will never forget my stay on the fifth floor of the Ritz in Hong Kong. After a long day interviewing a Hong Kong Vietnamese family I decided to take a bath before dinner. The weather was extremely hot and humid, at that time. I opened the taps, the water started running in a classy bathtub. I grabbed my laptop; I laid myself down on the bed and started writing my article. After approximately 45 minutes I sensed something was wrong. I turned my head to the door of the bathroom and there was already a brook with warm water streaming in the bedroom. Being a Dutchman I am brought up with rivers, floods and dykes. I immediately created a cotton dyke made of towels and bathrobes. I phoned the reception and within 5 minutes the whole fire brigade of Hong Kong seemed to be in my room. Within half an hour a new room was arranged for me, a copy of my former room so it seemed. The next morning the lovely Chinese receptionist addressed me very politely. She smiled and said: ‘ Hello mr. Van Beek, You took a nice shower today?’.

Déjà vu in Schlosshotel Hugenpoet

Last weekend I stayed in the wonderful Hugenpoet Castle in Essen-Kettwig (Germany). QL’s one Michelin star chef Jonathan Zandbergen (of Merlet, Schoorl, the Netherlands) joined forces with Hugenpoet’s chef Erika Berkheim. Dinner was served in the intimate Laurushaus. The following morning I prepared my morning bath. The water started running and I got carried away reading a magazine about the alluring surroundings of Hugenpoet; the Zolverein UNESCO World Heritage Site and the famous Museum Folkwang, Germany's first ever museum for modern art. 

Half an hour later, I was rushing to the bathroomdoor in a hotelroom, for the second time in my life. Thankfully, there were enough towels to control the water damage. You should know, Hugenpoet has a large collection of beautiful paintings, monumental stucco ceilings and the most beautiful wooden floors. Luckily the water didn't reach the faboulusly decorated guestroom! Fortune favoured me once more!

Hein van Beek

Founder QL Hotels & Restaurants

My morning bath...


The intimite Restaurant Laurushaus


Schlosshotel Hugenpoet is surrounded by a private park with ancient trees


The suite in the pleasant 'Villa Türmchen'