A culinary salon in Zeeland

Chef Edwin Vinke is at the absolute top of his profession, both at home and abroad. With two Michelin stars, his food is sublime. The ingredients practically swim into the kitchen by themselves, given that the waters of the Western Scheldt are just a stone’s throw away.

Edwin’s vegetable and herb garden is a world in itself, and everything at the restaurant is of the finest quality. We are in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, the most southerly part of the Dutch province of Zeeland, minutes from both the coast and the Belgian border.


Born and bred in Zeeland, Edwin is passionate about the local area. Energetic, hugely creative, always full of ideas, his mind is never at rest. His latest creation he has dubbed the Salon Culinaire. ‘A few years ago I was in Beijing, where I saw the “lazy Susan”, a turntable on the table. That thing spins around all night. I was immediately sold. The turntable stands on the edge of the table and rotates to bring the food to the guests. We’re having well-known artists, friends of the restaurant, make works for the turntables. They could be anything: painting, photography or poetry. I immediately have associations when I see art, and that’s also true here. I’ll be making a matching dish for each work of art. Haikus, Japanese poetry, will make the connections between the dishes and the works of art. The artists exhibit in the restaurant for three months. After that the menu changes, and so does the art.’

The idea came about during a conversation with a good friend of Edwin’s, the Belgian actor and artist Gene Bervoets. ‘Gene is an excellent painter. And we’re also inviting a wide variety of other artists to make works for the turntable – we already have a line-up until the summer of 2022. The Dutch writer Ronald Giphart is providing a written interpretation of the concept. It will be something completely new. It’s going to be a performance for our guests, as you would expect at the theatre, and we can also include music. The evening will really be an experience for everyone together.’

De Kromme Watergang