Clipper Stad Amsterdam

It is wonderful to be part of the crew and experience proper sailing - Spiegel der Zeilvaart

Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

From € 112 per night
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  • AMS
    19 km

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  • Replica of Clipper from 1850
  • Sailing holidays in Europe and the Caribbean
  • Superb comfort on board

Sailing through the Caribbean

The Clipper Stad Amsterdam, a modern replica of an 1850 clipper is a 76 metre-long three-mast ship with a square rig. It sails under no fewer than 2,200 square metres of sail cloth. The hardwood decking, the wheel house, the lines and the sails may be 19th century, but the on-board comforts are 21st century.

The 14 full size huts, 11 square metres, are spacious enough for two people. They have air conditioning, private toilet and shower. The longroom, the heart of the ship, is finished with copper and wood. Here you can eat, drink, chat, read or play a game.

In the winter months the clipper sails in the Caribbean. Enjoy a fabulous cruise with a small group. The trip from and to the Caribbean can be booked with ‘Avontuurlijke Meezeilvakantie’ (Adventurous sail-along holiday). For sailing enthusiasts there are always plenty of on-board jobs. If you are not afraid of heights you are welcome to climb the rigging.

  • Hotelmanagers
    Ingrid van de Loo & Kobus Christianen
  • Chef
    Bart Freijser

Typical Clipper Stad Amsterdam

Three-masted Clipper

Beautiful woodwork


The Longroom is the beating heart aboard the Clipper Stad Amsterdam. The finish with wood and copper brings back memories of times long gone when boats like these sailed the seven seas. The Longroom is appointed with modern audio-visual amenities to facilitate f. ex. Presentations. Here, together with the crew, you enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every night the captain updates how many nautical miles have been sailed and how many more there are to go. Your stay includes breakfast, coffee break, lunch, mid-afternoon coffee break, dinner and fresh fruit during the day.

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Garden & Terrace

The Longroom is the place where guests gather to meet and relax, read a book or send an email. You can also pick a book from the well-stocked library on board to unwind on the rear deck. You have the option to participate and be part of the crew watches. There are three shifts. Every shift has its own reward. At night you savour the tranquillity and multitude of stars, in the morning spectacular sunrises are your reward. Hoisting the sails, keeping watch, enjoying the waves; it is all a great experience.


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Caribbean ocean

The diversity of sailing holidays ensures a variety of different locations. During the European trips (from June to September) you will visit historic cities like Lisbon, Ibiza town, Stockholm and Tangier. From January to April you will find the clipper in the Caribbean. During the day you will sail throughout the Caribbean with a cool drink in your hand, enjoying the blue skies and clear blue sea. At the end of the day, the clipper will anchor off one of the numerous bays, giving you the chance to swim or snorkel, while the chef prepares a BBQ on the beach.



Clipper Stad Amsterdam
PO Box 12600
1100 AP
+31 (0)20 569 58 39

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