Hotel Nobel

Ballum, Friesland, Netherlands

Restaurant Nobel
From € 200 per night
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Handpicked by Quality Lodgings

  • Casual enjoyment at a high level
  • One of the oldest family businesses in the Netherlands
  • Unique location on the beautiful island of Ameland

Crisp and contemporary

For four generations the hospitality of Nobel has been legendary on the Dutch Wadden island Ameland - and far beyond. The historic hotel is in the heart of quaint histo­rical Ballum. Nobel successfully merges history and contemporary luxury. A few years ago the entire hotel was renovated but the café was kept in its original state. Throughout the years hotel guests and island dwellers have come together to play cards, celebrate or just have a beer.

Most of the uniquely designed hotel rooms have a private patio or balcony. Lunch or dinner are very enjoyable here too. The enthusiasm for local produce is mirrored on the menu. The chef creates skilful compositions with beautiful ingredients and elegant, original flavour combina­tions. The island is a true paradise of nature with forests, dunes, salt marshes, polders, mud flats and 25 kilometres of beach. 

  • Host
    Koen van der Plank
  • Chef
    Mike Redding

Typical Nobel

Casual enjoyment

Nobels Drinks


In the restaurant of Hotel Nobel on Ameland, enjoyment comes first. No hocus-pocus, no minuscule dishes but recognizable dishes with world flavours. A bottle of wine on the table, enjoying the dishes and above all: relaxing. Enjoy top service.

Nobel has always been the place where pleasure-seekers feel at home on Ameland. In 1902, the family business was already serving the famous Nobeltje. Almost 120 years later, Nobel is still a family business and the fourth generation of the Nobel family is now in charge.

Nobels finest - a parade of dishes, from champagne with porchetta to coffee with Nobeltje and everything in between, including wine and water for €89 per person

The restaurant, café and terrace are open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Garden & Terrace

The terrace of Hotel Nobel is a lovely place to be. Here you can enjoy top wines, dressed-up coffees, Nobels long drinks and pampering from the lunch and dinner menus. Nobel makes health and hospitality its highest priority. Therefore the restaurant terrace, with the exception of the lounge terrace, is non-smoking.


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The unique location on the breathtaking Ameland, one of the islands on the Wadden Sea protected by UNESCO, makes a visit to Hotel Nobel on Ameland always something special. The boat from Holwerd to Ameland has a calming and relaxing influence. But even if you as a guest choose to travel by air, using the airport next door to the hotel, you will notice that once on Ameland, you are immediately in a different mood.
Guests often combine their stay at Hotel Nobel on Ameland with a number of walks and/or cycling trips through the unspoilt island nature. Sporty guests combine a few rounds of the 9-hole golf course with their stay, or use the concierge service of the Hotel Nobel to put together a varied programme.

Hotel Nobel is situated on a dune walk of 15 minutes from the natural beach of Ballum. The sea breeze can be felt when opening the doors of your room or suite to your garden or balcony.


Hotel Nobel
Gerrit Kosterweg 16
9162 EN
+31 (0)51 955 41 57

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